Cravebox Giveaway!


I was fortunate enough to win another Cravebox blog contest, which allowed me to get TWO Teen Time Craveboxs to giveaway to my readers. This box is perfect really for girl or woman so don’t let the title fool you.

Inside the Teen Time Cravebox

Rules for entry (simple as always):

1) Must be 18 or older to enter or have parents permission so I can ship you the box

2) Must be a subscriber/follower to this blog

3) Leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite memory is from when you were a teen.

4) Add me on facebook (Alli Ann) for an additional entry

The details:

1) This contest ends on February 15th 8 PM EST

2) Please let me know where I can contact you incase you don’t get notifications for responses (I’ve had this happen on every contest!)

3) There will be two winners (yay!)

Good Luck!!


Cravebox information:  If you want to get in the action and enter to receive a box (each box is by random entry drawing and not a monthly subscription service). I’m look forward to the cooking light and book lovers one ❤ .

If I was the one to sway you into getting cravebox please be sure to put my username glitteredscrubs in the referral section in your about me in your profile. Thanks in advance!

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November Empties & Skincare Routine

Pizza face, acne girl, dot-to-dot, greaser have all been names that i’ve heard as a teen and in my early twenties. Over the last few years I’ve cleaned up my diet & skin care routine. I’ve probably tried every product on the market to help since I’ve been 13 years old. I finally got it right during my last few years of college.

So I’ve stuck with what works and I buy these in multiples when I do.

I actually ran out of all these within the month, which just screams for a blog post to me 🙂

Facewash: Boscia Clear Complexion Cleanser, I get this at Sephora but many sites and stores have this available. My area constantly runs out of it, I have to call in to set one aside for me, or order online. This smells… well botanical and a tad bit like licorice.

Toner: Body Shop’s Vitamin E Toner, to cleanse out the dirt & any makeup traces I have left. This is a hydrating toner and despite having oily skin this works wonders.

Moisturizer: Body Shop’s Vitamin E with SPF 15. I LOVE THIS! This moisturizer is perfect for the cold Chicago winters without over doing it for my oily skin. The perk being that it has SPF which I am horrible at applying.

Vitamin E is known for its antioxidants properties which can slow the aging process, heal acne and scars, help overall damaged skin, and prevent from further damage.

The moisturizer is ridiculously hard to get, they are currently out of stock in stores and online but expect stock soon. So glad I have one last tube left. Though I have been regularly stalking their website to grab the toner & moisturizer. It is a little pricey at 18.00 for a small tube but they have great deals of buying 2 & 2 free.

As I mentioned I don’t just externally take care of my skin, I internally make sure to keep my body and thus my skin healthy.
1) WATER- Its true, water is your skins best friend. Hydration, hydration, hydration.
2) Skin healthy foods such as avocados, nuts, fruits, plenty of veggies, lentils, & salmon fish. All these foods provide great nutrients & antioxidants to keep not only my skin looking great but my body feeling great as well.
3) Stress reduction- take a breather. I read, blog, exercise or do yoga to unwind for the day. This only takes 10-30 minutes of my day and makes my body, skin, and mind feel and look younger.
4) Sleep, catching some ZzZz’s every night within 2 hours of my normal bed time and getting 7-8 hours EVERY night. Turns out those all nighters for school were a bad idea in more than one way.

It took me years of trials and some wisdom from nursing school to nail into my head that every aspect is important.

Any beauty secrets, tips, or words of wisdom to share? Tell me, I’d love to hear!