Cravebox Giveaway!


I was fortunate enough to win another Cravebox blog contest, which allowed me to get TWO Teen Time Craveboxs to giveaway to my readers. This box is perfect really for girl or woman so don’t let the title fool you.

Inside the Teen Time Cravebox

Rules for entry (simple as always):

1) Must be 18 or older to enter or have parents permission so I can ship you the box

2) Must be a subscriber/follower to this blog

3) Leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite memory is from when you were a teen.

4) Add me on facebook (Alli Ann) for an additional entry

The details:

1) This contest ends on February 15th 8 PM EST

2) Please let me know where I can contact you incase you don’t get notifications for responses (I’ve had this happen on every contest!)

3) There will be two winners (yay!)

Good Luck!!


Cravebox information:  If you want to get in the action and enter to receive a box (each box is by random entry drawing and not a monthly subscription service). I’m look forward to the cooking light and book lovers one ❤ .

If I was the one to sway you into getting cravebox please be sure to put my username glitteredscrubs in the referral section in your about me in your profile. Thanks in advance!

Upcoming Craveboxes

Screen shot 2013-01-31 at 12.11.29 PM

Instant Purchase Boxes : These are guaranteed boxes that are shipped to you! You also know what you will be getting, so if you missed out or want another one check it out!

Screen shot 2013-01-31 at 12.11.54 PM


Holiday Time — Gifts, Haul-idays, & Photo bombs

I love the holidays… love love love them! This is probably what I look like: Holiday Cheer Dance

I forewarn you this will be a long post with a boat load of pictures.

The one thing that I love about the holidays (beside the gifts & foods) is snow. So i broke out into my own happy dance when it snowed on Christmas day and then I got back to my senses and took a picture.

So what do I do to get ready for the holidays? I shop like I have no debt. I do a little shopping for my friends and a little shopping for my self.
shop haul
The Body Shop finally had my moisturizer in stock so I bought 3 on sale for $30 total. Take about a deal!
I also got some gifts for Sephora a gift card, Fresh’s Sugar Lip Duo of lip tint and lip scrub, and the Too Faced Nude eye palette. All gifts from that stores, sadly, I need to go through all the make-up I have yet to even make a dent in.
Bag of goodies
This was a little care/relaxation package for a friend for Christmas– I really hoped she would share. She didn’t.

What I bought myself & some of what I received as gifts
holida gift to me

The second dress & the beautiful fossil watch was from my best friend for my birthday & Christmas. I was one happy cookie. Everything else was the me portion of my shopping trips.

Much like Joey from Friends I tend to wear something stretchy during Christmas to make sure there is nothing stopping me from eating like cholesterol and obesity don’t exist. I also make sure that I’m not the only person who finds that sweat pants are the only things that fits. I accomplish this by making holiday treats– sugary easily done artery clogging treats.
Peppermint bark


I ended the year with this quote by Liz Taylor to live by: Liz taylor

Except the drink is going to be my mean green juice in a wine class. You do what you gotta do.

P.s. Don’t forget the Cravebox Giveaway ends tomorrow so don’t forget to enter!

Cravebox Winter Favorites Giveaway!

Hey guys,

It might be because I posted something before  12 a.m. and I don’t fully function before night falls–the curse of the night owl. That or I just have horrid memory, either way I’m doing a different post for a giveaway (wohoo!).

Check out whats inside: Winter Favorites Cravebox

The rules:

1) Must be a subscriber to my blog

2) Must be 18 or older or have parents permission so that I can send you the box

3) Leave a comment below telling me your favorite thing about winter

4) Tell me where I can contact you if you do not have notifications for comment replies. I had to pick another winner for the holiday spruce up box since the first winner never replied.


Like me  or add me on Facebook : Alli Ann

Follow me on Twiiter: Soul2quz

The giveaway will end on January 7th at 7 pm EST  and the winner will be chosen by using You will have until January 9th to contact me if you are the winner or another one will be chosen.

Good luck everyone and I look forward to reading your replies! 🙂

Sprucing it up with Cravebox & Giveaway

My second Cravebox so far is the Holiday Spruce Up. I received two these boxes (One for me, one for my readers) for winning the blog entry. Yay!


It arrived in the same cute blue ribbon box and inside the contents were:

1) Full sized Febreze- in New Zealand Springs. This will be used without doubt, it smells great and is already up in my bathroom. This retails for about $3 at my local Target.

2) Full sized Oxi-Clean Dishwashing Booster- This is great for sparkling clean dishes if you have a dishwasher. Sadly most Chicago Condos don’t come equipped with one. My friend though will fully be enjoying the benefits of this. This retails for about $8

3) 1 Tide Pod Sample- I’ve been wanting to try these for a few months now so i’m excited to give these a try and see how it works out. This retails for .42 cents for one at 5.99 for 14

4) Bissell Stain Lifting Pads- I smiled when I saw these, we have carpet and with holidays around the corner its a dreadful thing to think about. My carpets are soon going to be abused with snow & grime filled shoes, spilled tea, spilled wine, and other endless things I manage to spill in my clumsy moments. The best things about these pads are you don’t need your hands to clean up the gross messes but just your foot to stomp on the pads to lift the stain. These pads retail at 4.99 for 5, so the value of this is $1. They also had a coupon for $1 off

5) Two coupons for $2 off Biz products & $1 off Mean Green Cleaner

This is a box as the name suggested is to spruce up the house with, the box was for $12 and items within the box not including coupons totaled at $12.42, with coupons at $16.42.

So for those of you who would like to spruce up their homes this holiday season I am giving away the second box I received.

To enter:

1) Must be 18 or older or have parents permission so I can mail this to you.

2) Be a subscriber to my blog

3) Comment on this post telling me what your holiday plans are

This contest will be open until Wednesday December 12, 2012 until 12 EST.

Also congrats to the winner of my last Love with Food Giveaway, I have sent you a email so please be on the lookout for that!

Love with Food – Box Opening & Giveaway

‘ello everyone,

I’m a little proud of myself for posting something before 12 a.m. but I was super excited to show my first box of Love with Food & my do my first giveaway.

About Love with Food: Yes yet another subscription box. This tag line description is a way to “discover great food for a great cause”.

The box is $10 a month plus $2 for shipping ($12 total) for 8+ tasty bites. The best part? They donate a meal for every box that is bought. So every month, my subscription box gives me a yummy food surprise & a meal for someone else. This month due to Hurricane Sandy, Love with Food will be donating 2 meals per box delivered.

Thats not all! Every subscription earns you points (counting on the plan), every review earns you 5 points, and there are many other ways to earn points. You get free shipping for a annual plan & $1 shipping for a 6 month plan. This is my first box and I have yet to review any of the products and I already have 600 points. You can than use those points to buy products from their website of the item you sampled. How cool is that?!

Here is the box I received that is curated with Amy Roloff:

1) Fruit.0 – No fuss. Just Fruit. A mango, pear, & pineapple snack drink. These easy to go pouches are organic with a simple easy ingredient list of organic mangoes, organic pears, organic pineapple juice concentrate, organic lemon juice concentrate. I really look forward to trying this.

2) Mrs. May’s Mini Crunch- Cranberry Almond 100% natural bite sized roasted almond & chewy cranberry mini cube snack.

3) Skeeter (totally nut-free) Chocolate Chunk: 2 cookie pack

4) Inka Corn (1.7 oz)- One of the largest white corn kernels

5) Little Red Dot Kitchen’s BBQ Turkey Bak Kwa- A southeast Asian snack that’s traditionally grilled over slow fire.

6) Hagensborg Truffle Pig- Dark Chocolate Truffle, that has all natural ingredients. Chocolate with less quilt, yum.

7) Aspen Mulling Cider Spices- original spice blend. This packet can be blended into apple cider, juice, red wine, tea, or brandy.

8) Stash Premium Pumpkin Spice decaf tea- 100% Natural ingredients. I currently drink Stash’s Moroccan mint tea which I love, so I look forward to trying this festive drink.

9) Bhakti Chai sticker

10) ecomom $10 coupon, $5 for free prints at picplum

To check out Love with Food: visit them at: Love With Food

To get $5 off their subscription box plans use code: HOLIDAY12. This offer expires 11/30/12
Remember that you will help donate 2 meals this month

Giveaway for 1 month of Love with Food:

1) You must be a new member
2) You will have to pay the $2 shipping fee (which requires a credit card). They automatically sign you up for a subscription, which you can cancel through their website through a click of a button. You can cancel right after you receive your first box, you have about a month to cancel. Their boxes ship out every month on the 10th.
3) I will give you a code to use that has already paid for the first box. I will never see any of your information.

To Enter:
1) You must be 18 or older & have a credit card to pay for the shipping fee (I do not need this information or will ever see this information).
2) Be a resident of the U.S.
3) Leave a comment on what you are thankful for this holiday season. Using Rafflecopter
4) Be subscribed/following my blog Glitteredscrubs
5) This ends on November 30, 2012

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: This box and the giveaway was bought with my own money.

Influenster Invite Giveaway

If you’ve heard of all the hype of influenster and want a invite to join this could be your chance. I will be giving away 2 invites to the lucky winners.

If you don’t know what Influenster is you can visit the website or look at my previous post for the website review. In a nutshell it’s a community of trendsetters that share their opinions on products or experiences. You are scored based on a few criteria such as unlocking badges for lifestyle and demographics, social media influence, and the people you invite. Only five invites are granted to each member. Based on that  you then get invites for VoxBox’s that contain full sized products for free, there are no shipping charges. How awesome is that?


Rules to Enter:

1) You must be a subscriber to my blog

2) Tell me why you think you should win– what makes you an influenster?

3) The giveaway will close on 1/02/13 at 8pm CT

Also I will be doing another giveaway next saturday on a few small products.

Jewelry & Card Mini Haul. **Giveaway News**

Jewelry & Card Mini Haul. **Giveaway News**

While running errands I couldn’t help but do a little shopping today. I got a few great big rings, 2 headbands, 1 bracelet and a pair of earrings. I also stocked up on cards for various occasions because I tend to get super lazy when I have to go buy them. Lastly that cute little sock monkey strapped to a box of little boy clothes is for my neighbor who is turning the big-five-o. Can’t wait to see him strap his new friend to a firetruck and cause accidents.

Giveaway News: I’m going to start doing giveaways once I start reaching a certain number of subscribers. Starting at the 10 mark, then 20, 25, 50 and so on. Once I start to get close I’ll post the items and details.