New Health Blog– Shot of Green

Top of the mornin’ to ya,

I have very exciting news (well for me at least) and I hope some of you will be just as excited as well.  I’ve created a blog about something I’m very passionate about– health and clean eating.

If you or anyone you know would be interested please be sure to check it out:

Shot of Green — My Journey to Healthy Living




Xoxo –Glitteredscrubs


P.s. I will be updating on this blog soon, I have pictures ready just need to get posting.


WINNERS For Cravebox!

The Winners for the Teen Time / Pamper Me Boxes are Shelby & Ana. Congrats guys! 

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Look Into My Eyes — Everything you need to know about under eye treatment

Eyes are the window to the soul. Unless you have under eye bags that nightmares are made out of. As we grow older and more stressed our eyes seem to scream it to the world, glasses and wonderful concealer be damned.

What causes the under-eye terrors?

Under eye bags: Its in your genes. It can also be contributed to years of lack of sleep, lack of exercise, and a whole lot of salty foods. Also, as we grow older its a natural part of aging (I’m not talking about the 20’s and 30’s) due to elasticity and collagen loss.

Three typical under eye concerns are:

  • Hyper pigmentation under the eyes which is the dark circles under the eyes, aka raccoon eyes. This can be contributed to a number of reasons: Sleep, diet, allergies, and genetics.
  • Shadowing as seen as blue/green veins that are prominent under the eyes. This happens due to the aging process when the skin under the eyes become thinner.
  • Puffy or baggy under eye problems are commonly called bags. This can occur due to poor circulation or chronic baggy eyes can be a heredity problem. Another concern can be intake of excessive salty foods and water retention causing puffy under eyes.

Lifestyle changes to decrease under-eye problems:

1) Diet- a well balanced diet with controlled sodium levels based on normal (<2,500 mg / day) or doctor recommended amounts for those with medical conditions.
2) Sleep- a no brainer and one of the most appealing options as well. Undisturbed sleep of 7-9 hours a night within 1-2 hours of regular bed-time.
3) Exercise- a great way to increase circulation and keep not just your body & mind healthy but you under-eyes as well.
4) Taking a breather- being overworked and run down is one of the easiest way to show stress under the eyes. Try to schedule only as much as you can take on and remember to take a few minutes to refresh yourself.

At home remedies:

There are probably a million and one ways to help under eye problems, its really all trial and error to see what works best for you. Here are a few popular ones with reasons to why they work. After any remedy be sure to wash the eyes with cool water and moisturize.

1) Puffiness

  • Caffeinated tea bags (green or black tea). Tea bags are steeped in hot/warm water for 3-5 minutes and take out until the bags are warm and comfortable to the touch (you don’t want to burn your eyes!) Lie down, close your eyes, and place tea bags on closed lids. Keep on for 8-12 minutes and relax. If you like place a warm towel on your face to soak up dripping tea and give a more spa experience.  Why does this work? The caffeine in the tea helps constrict the blood vessels and reduce swelling. Tea also contains many anti-oxidants that the eyes can reap up to keep you looking fresh and younger longer. 
  • Cucumbers. A common and tried method that works. Simple as cutting up two slices, placing on the eyes and relaxing for 10-15 minutes. The cucumber works in the same way as the tea bags by constricting the blood vessels and reducing swelling. This is great remedy for the hot summer days.
  • Milk. The one product that is always around and a easy and cheap way to reduce puffiness. Soak two cotton balls in milk, lie back, and place one on each closed lid. Soak it up for 10 minutes. You can  again use a warm towel on your face on top of the cotton balls for a more relaxing spa feel. Why the milk? Milk contain lactic acid which way not only to reduce puffiness but dark circles.

2) Dark Eye Circles & Shadowing

  • Potato Slices. Cut two slices of potatoes, recline back, and place on closed lids. Keep on for 10-15 minutes. Potatoes contain natural skin lightening agents that help decrease the dark rings around your eyes. 
  • Rose Water. Dip two cotton balls in rose water and place on closed lids for 5-10 minutes. Rose water helps reduce dark circles by improving blood circulation to the eyes. This is one of my favorite remedies, its smells so divine, I feel like a queen in Egypt getting the royal treatment.

Under eye creams:

In a article by the Huffington Post, At What Age Should You Use Eye Creams?, Dr. Rebecca Baxt brings up when and why you need to start using under eye creams.

According to Dr. Baxt the best time to start counts on your skin type. Women with dry eyes need to start early as possible, I’m talking teens and early twenties, to keep the eye skin moisturized so skin doesn’t prematurely age. Others can get away with starting in their mid 20’s to early 30’s, right around the time when age starts to play a role in under eye health.

A good moisturizer and routine helps keep the skin around the eyes well moisturized.

Dr. Baxt mentions that “Eye creams keep the skin moist and that makes people look younger. When wrinkles get dry, they look deeper and worse. As a good and gentle moisturizer, eye creams help by keeping the skin moist so fine lines don’t show up as much.”

The best method to put on under eye creams:

1) NEVER EVER rub or smudge cream across the eyes. EVER! Under eye skin is sensitive and delicate (10X thinner than rest of face), a little pressure and rubbing the skin can cause damage to the skin and cause wrinkles.

The best way to put on cream under your eyes if you are using your hands is to use your ring finger to dab the cream and pat under the eye starting from the outside and working your way in. Do a light tapping method to stimulate the skin under the eye.

Here is a great picture that The Beauty Department posted of where to apply your under eye cream.
Under eye

**Please be sure to try anything with caution due to the risk of allergies or skin reactions. I suggest trying a small patch test first. **

Have any further questions? Want to know more? Tell me what you think 🙂

Cravebox Resoultions — Ring it in the Healthy Way

It has finally arrived! The Resolutions box was priced at $15, my most expensive so far and boy was it worth it. I earlier blogged about being healthy this new year as one of resolutions and it seems like cravebox read my mind. You know me so well.

Inside the box:


1) Mary Kay’s TimeWise Repiar Volu-Firm Eyecream- This is a full sized product valued at $40! I will start trying this tonight and have a review up after 1-2 weeks of use. This is for deep lines, wrinkes, sagging lids, under eye darkness, puffiness and so much. I am super excited to try this!

2) 2 cans of the new 10 calorie drinks-  7 up & A&W Root Beer — this honestly seemed a little weird having in the box. They probably could have saved cost in etting a coupon instead of shipping them. None the less I will end up using these or someone in my household will.

3) Cocoa Via – Daily supplement variety sample pack to health support healthy circulation. These seem intersting I’ve never tried or heard of them. There are 4 packets all in different favorings.

4) Zone Perfect’s Perfectly Simple Peanut Crunch Nutrition Bar

5) SunRype’s Fruit Source- 3 bars of all natural 100% fruit and veggie bar. Hmm Interesting.. I’m interested and scared to try them at the same time. I like that these are 2.5 serving of fruit per bar! I got 2 in mango strawberry & 1 in Strawberry.

6) SunRypes Just Fruits & Grains Strawberry Mango. This is 2 serving of fruit and no added sugars.

7) 1 sample of Celestial Seasonings Metabo Balance Wellness Tea– a Green Tea Supplement. I love this brand for my teas so this will be put to good use.

8)Pantene Silky Moisturize Whip in a sample size. I already got one of these in the teen box so not as excited.

9) Lastly, a Wholly Guacamole Chip Clip with a bunch of coupons. 1 free product of any Wholly Guacamole product, yes!  .75 off a box of Celestial Tea, $1.00 off a box of Perfectly Simple, 1 free Smart Ones Product (up to 4.00).

What do you guys think of the box? I was expecting a box of multi vitamins and nutrition bars. I like their idea of a full sized eye cream better! Check out Cravebox and their upcoming boxes. If you subscribed after reading my blog please be sure to enter my username GlitteredScrubs in the referral program, thanks guys!

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Winner of the Winter Favorites Giveaway is Shelby! Please be sure to email me! Congrats!

Holiday Time — Gifts, Haul-idays, & Photo bombs

I love the holidays… love love love them! This is probably what I look like: Holiday Cheer Dance

I forewarn you this will be a long post with a boat load of pictures.

The one thing that I love about the holidays (beside the gifts & foods) is snow. So i broke out into my own happy dance when it snowed on Christmas day and then I got back to my senses and took a picture.

So what do I do to get ready for the holidays? I shop like I have no debt. I do a little shopping for my friends and a little shopping for my self.
shop haul
The Body Shop finally had my moisturizer in stock so I bought 3 on sale for $30 total. Take about a deal!
I also got some gifts for Sephora a gift card, Fresh’s Sugar Lip Duo of lip tint and lip scrub, and the Too Faced Nude eye palette. All gifts from that stores, sadly, I need to go through all the make-up I have yet to even make a dent in.
Bag of goodies
This was a little care/relaxation package for a friend for Christmas– I really hoped she would share. She didn’t.

What I bought myself & some of what I received as gifts
holida gift to me

The second dress & the beautiful fossil watch was from my best friend for my birthday & Christmas. I was one happy cookie. Everything else was the me portion of my shopping trips.

Much like Joey from Friends I tend to wear something stretchy during Christmas to make sure there is nothing stopping me from eating like cholesterol and obesity don’t exist. I also make sure that I’m not the only person who finds that sweat pants are the only things that fits. I accomplish this by making holiday treats– sugary easily done artery clogging treats.
Peppermint bark


I ended the year with this quote by Liz Taylor to live by: Liz taylor

Except the drink is going to be my mean green juice in a wine class. You do what you gotta do.

P.s. Don’t forget the Cravebox Giveaway ends tomorrow so don’t forget to enter!

New Years Resolution– All About Health

Here I am blogging once again after midnight but this idea has been floating around in my noggin for a while now. New Years is around the corner and everyone is talking about their resolutions. Top 5 resolutions I’ve heard are losing weight, saving money, losing weight, quit drinking/smoking, and eating out less (to lose weight). I see a trend.

I have to admit I would like to lose some weight but that is not my priority this year. Weight is just a number. While it does matter its more important to see how healthy I am. I can weigh 100 pounds but if I’m having a Big Mac everyday and consider cleaning the snow off my car as adequate exercise I’ll still have problems. During my years in nursing school I have finally understood the importance of a healthy diet, lifestyle, and mental health. I’ve also first hand witnessed why its so important with every patient I’ve had including myself.

So my New Years resolution is to BE HEALTHY.

Being Healthy- My definition:

  • Not eating out more than once every 2 weeks. 
  • Eating healthy portioned meals
  • No frozen meals, minimal canned items, and healthy bread
  • More veggies & less meat
  • Getting regular check-ups
  • Cleansing my system out— I explain how I do this further down.
  • Exercising- gym or home workouts 2-3 times a week for 30 minutes each time
  • Cutting down on pop and drinking more water
  • Getting sleep of 7-8 hours every night- within 1-2 hours of a set bed time.
  • De-stressing — yoga, calm time alone, reading, etc
  • Preventive & holistic treatment methods

I plan to make gradual changes. If I honestly decided that starting 1st of January I need to start doing all of this, I will have failed on one or all of these counts by the end of the week. We are creatures of habit, changes need to be brought in gradually and one or two things at a time. That doesn’t mean I can’t make conscious decisions to try and grab water before I grab that coke can right away. I just don’t want to cold turkey everything because I will be setting myself up for failure.

Health has different meanings to different people. It is a level of functioning based on mind and body. I want to be healthy enough  to have controlled blood reports of anemia and amongst other things. I want to be healthy enough to run without my asthma interfering. I want to be healthy enough to feel good about my body inside and out. I want to be healthy enough mentally to face and concur my problems without it taking a toll of me. I want to be healthy.

One of the things I have started already is trying to get back into the habit of juicing to cleanse out my system, be nutritious, and heal my body. My favorite juice recipe is The Mean Green from the Joe Cross’s documentary movie Dead, Sick, and Nearly Dead. If you haven’t watched this I would highly recommend it. Its available on Netflix and Hulu. As gross as it looks and sounds the juice actually tastes pretty okay.

The recipe for the Mean Green Juice is:

  1. 1 bulk of Kale
  2. 4 stalks of Celery
  3. 1 Cucumber
  4. 2 Granny Smith Apples
  5. 1/2 Lemon
  6. Ginger Root (approx 1 inch)

Below I have pictures the ingredients and what the juice looks like. The 3rd juice picture is another recipe I like (super yummy) of Spinach and Mango’s.

Herb order
To have a healthier juicing experience I like adding flax seeds in my juice but I’ve had trouble with the whole seeds I have. So I went bought some flax seed oil and a few extra health items on In my house we try to use more natural and holistic methods to prevent and treat any minor problems. So I pre bought some cough syrup with zinc because at one point some one in my house is going to need it. I also got natural ear drops since I get ear aches easily and Chicago’s cold weather takes a toll. Then I got some yummy apricots for myself and tore into the bag before I could picture it as a healthy snack.

If you haven’t heard of iherb (I am little addicted to that website) it offers supplements & healthy products (food, beauty & cleaning) at a low price.

Iherb has a discount code for first time users. My referral code for the discount is RIM717 which gives a discount of $10 off 40 or more purchase and free shipping. Or $5 off orders of less than $40.

These are the small steps I have taken in a effort to be healthier. There are so many small details that will make a difference. This week I have yet to go to bed without taking off my make-up and moisturizing. My first small step in having healthy skin.

What do you do to be healthy? Do have any new years resolutions? Want more juicing recipes? Want to learn about the health benefits in details for something, let me know.

Cravebox Winter Favorites Giveaway!

Hey guys,

It might be because I posted something before  12 a.m. and I don’t fully function before night falls–the curse of the night owl. That or I just have horrid memory, either way I’m doing a different post for a giveaway (wohoo!).

Check out whats inside: Winter Favorites Cravebox

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