Love with Food– International Delights Theme

January’s Love with Food is themed as International Delights. This might be my last box for a while, regrettably. I am going to slowly savor and cherish this. If you would like to join Love with Food they are $10 and for every box you get they donate a meal to a hungry child.

This months box:

food jan

1) Turbana’s Natural Plantain Chips- I’ve never actually had any type of plantain chips, so i’m curious about these.

2) Newtree’s Organic Chocolate in Milk Chocolate with Cinnamon & Dark Chocolate with Belgian Biscuits. These are very itty bitty but look interesting.

3) GoGo Squeez – Apple on the go in AppleStrawberry. I’ve been wanting to try one of these suckers!

4) Firecracker ChocoPod– with sultry sea salt, smokey chipotle and dark chocolate. Best part? Its only 50 calories. It looks very tempting.

5) David Rio’s Tiger Spice Chai- this will have to get in line I have tons of other samples I have yet to try.

6) Kyotofu’s Modern Japanase Dessert (3 flower shaped Shortbread Tea Cookies)– this is a gluten free treat. Kyotofu’s has actually received New York’s Best Cupcake Award from New York Magazine.

7) Lastly, Biscotti’s di Suzy’s Almond Anise Biscotti

That’s it folks!


2 thoughts on “Love with Food– International Delights Theme

  1. This looks yummy! I buy GoGo Squeez by the bulk in the Costco in Montreal. It’s so much cheaper there than here in the US! I feed it to my almost 1-year old boy. He loves it. 🙂 I’ve heard so many things about Kyotofu but I’ve never tried it before. It’s a shame because I live in that area but never ever really venture down there before. Those cookies got an award, too, I think! I tried making them at home but it didn’t turn out right for me.

  2. Arg I typed out a reply and it deleted it 😦 Getting it from Montreal is such a smart idea! My friend buys it for herself and her son on amazon. Its so good that your son likes a healthy snack otherwise kids can be so finicky. The child I use to babysit only ate noodles. I really want to try the Kyotofu cupcakes, oh so badly. My friend lives in NY and she always treats herself to them. You have no excuse, you should just go and treat yourself! You’re a mom thats reason enough for a treat. I’m hoping the cookies will be good.

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