Holiday Time — Gifts, Haul-idays, & Photo bombs

I love the holidays… love love love them! This is probably what I look like: Holiday Cheer Dance

I forewarn you this will be a long post with a boat load of pictures.

The one thing that I love about the holidays (beside the gifts & foods) is snow. So i broke out into my own happy dance when it snowed on Christmas day and then I got back to my senses and took a picture.

So what do I do to get ready for the holidays? I shop like I have no debt. I do a little shopping for my friends and a little shopping for my self.
shop haul
The Body Shop finally had my moisturizer in stock so I bought 3 on sale for $30 total. Take about a deal!
I also got some gifts for Sephora a gift card, Fresh’s Sugar Lip Duo of lip tint and lip scrub, and the Too Faced Nude eye palette. All gifts from that stores, sadly, I need to go through all the make-up I have yet to even make a dent in.
Bag of goodies
This was a little care/relaxation package for a friend for Christmas– I really hoped she would share. She didn’t.

What I bought myself & some of what I received as gifts
holida gift to me

The second dress & the beautiful fossil watch was from my best friend for my birthday & Christmas. I was one happy cookie. Everything else was the me portion of my shopping trips.

Much like Joey from Friends I tend to wear something stretchy during Christmas to make sure there is nothing stopping me from eating like cholesterol and obesity don’t exist. I also make sure that I’m not the only person who finds that sweat pants are the only things that fits. I accomplish this by making holiday treats– sugary easily done artery clogging treats.
Peppermint bark


I ended the year with this quote by Liz Taylor to live by: Liz taylor

Except the drink is going to be my mean green juice in a wine class. You do what you gotta do.

P.s. Don’t forget the Cravebox Giveaway ends tomorrow so don’t forget to enter!


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