Wakey Wakey- Coffee Lover’s Cravebox

I stalked my mailbox the day this was suppose to arrive, thats how excited I was.

The Coffee Lovers (<3) Cravebox was $12


I was expecting different coffee samples so I was surprised when I received only one coffee bag. Still completely worth it!

These are full sized items, which is way better than receiving small sample sizes. I think its cute how they decided to make it a coffee gift bag of sorts, with the little things one takes with coffee. If I wasn’t greedy I could have used this as a gift that a number of my friends would have loved.

I received:

1 Bag of Tully’s French Roast Coffee 

1 Bottle (375 mL) of Sugar Free French Vanilla Torani’s Syrup – We are looking forward to opening this and using it around christmas time with our family. We loved the last bottle we had received with Cravebox which was salted caramel. They also included a $1 off coupon.

Barbara’s High Fiber Cranberry Medley Cereal– This was a single serving with cranberry (as the name suggests) and pomegranates. I already ate this and its pretty dang good, sweet and the right amount of crunch.

2 Biscotti’s from Bakery Brothers 1 in Almond & 1 Cranberry Blueberry Almond 

This box beside the coffee (we are still working on our first bag) has already been put into good use. So I personally really like this box. So here’s to dragging myself up in the morning and brewing a nice strong roast so that I am less likely to hurt someone in the early hours of the day. Cheers!


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