Meijer’s Mounted Picture Review — Bzzagent

I was lucky enough to get selected for Bzzagent’s Meijer Mounted Picture campaign. I finally got around to getting it done a few days ago.

Meijer’s photo center has kiosk’s set up where you can bring in your memory card or use your iphone to create your photo projects or prints. It was ridiculously easy and had features to alter your picture by correcting red eye, color contrast, auto lighting, and adding text.

The claim was that it would be ready within a hour, so I had allotted myself that time to get my groceries. The guy at the counter got my order as soon as I put it in, he looked up at me and went “give me 10 mins” I’ll have this ready for me. I was shocked. True to his word, he actually had a MOUNTED PICTURE perfectly ready in less than 10 minutes.

I had my graduation picture with my college roommate mounted because I had never gotten around to it. Take a look:

ImageImageThe second one despite my best tries I couldn’t get the flash to go away (its soo glossy!). The mounted pictures have a silver finish on the side and the back is good to use to hang on the wall or insert and twist in the handle (?) to put on a surface.

While I got to try this for free the regular price for this size is $8.69. I love the cost of this, its better than most online deals you would find.

I’ve been using online shops to print my photo prints, projects, and gifts but I will def. be going to Meijer from now.  They offer a variety of photo projects such as printed photos, mounted pictures, canvas photos, customized photo books, photo calendars, and of course holiday cards.

I love getting photo gifts for almost any holiday, its always such a big hit. Everyone loves to know you put in some thought and got them a personalized gift.


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