Sprucing it up with Cravebox & Giveaway

My second Cravebox so far is the Holiday Spruce Up. I received two these boxes (One for me, one for my readers) for winning the blog entry. Yay!


It arrived in the same cute blue ribbon box and inside the contents were:

1) Full sized Febreze- in New Zealand Springs. This will be used without doubt, it smells great and is already up in my bathroom. This retails for about $3 at my local Target.

2) Full sized Oxi-Clean Dishwashing Booster- This is great for sparkling clean dishes if you have a dishwasher. Sadly most Chicago Condos don’t come equipped with one. My friend though will fully be enjoying the benefits of this. This retails for about $8

3) 1 Tide Pod Sample- I’ve been wanting to try these for a few months now so i’m excited to give these a try and see how it works out. This retails for .42 cents for one at 5.99 for 14

4) Bissell Stain Lifting Pads- I smiled when I saw these, we have carpet and with holidays around the corner its a dreadful thing to think about. My carpets are soon going to be abused with snow & grime filled shoes, spilled tea, spilled wine, and other endless things I manage to spill in my clumsy moments. The best things about these pads are you don’t need your hands to clean up the gross messes but just your foot to stomp on the pads to lift the stain. These pads retail at 4.99 for 5, so the value of this is $1. They also had a coupon for $1 off

5) Two coupons for $2 off Biz products & $1 off Mean Green Cleaner

This is a box as the name suggested is to spruce up the house with, the box was for $12 and items within the box not including coupons totaled at $12.42, with coupons at $16.42.

So for those of you who would like to spruce up their homes this holiday season I am giving away the second box I received.

To enter:

1) Must be 18 or older or have parents permission so I can mail this to you.

2) Be a subscriber to my blog

3) Comment on this post telling me what your holiday plans are

This contest will be open until Wednesday December 12, 2012 until 12 EST.

Also congrats to the winner of my last Love with Food Giveaway, I have sent you a email so please be on the lookout for that!


10 thoughts on “Sprucing it up with Cravebox & Giveaway

  1. Are you happy with this box? I read a lot of reviews that people weren’t happy at all. I kinda miss the colorful confetti, though. I didn’t sign up for this box. I’m going to Montreal for the holidays to celebrate with my in-laws. πŸ™‚ It’s gonna be cold!

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