Love with Food – Box Opening & Giveaway

‘ello everyone,

I’m a little proud of myself for posting something before 12 a.m. but I was super excited to show my first box of Love with Food & my do my first giveaway.

About Love with Food: Yes yet another subscription box. This tag line description is a way to “discover great food for a great cause”.

The box is $10 a month plus $2 for shipping ($12 total) for 8+ tasty bites. The best part? They donate a meal for every box that is bought. So every month, my subscription box gives me a yummy food surprise & a meal for someone else. This month due to Hurricane Sandy, Love with Food will be donating 2 meals per box delivered.

Thats not all! Every subscription earns you points (counting on the plan), every review earns you 5 points, and there are many other ways to earn points. You get free shipping for a annual plan & $1 shipping for a 6 month plan. This is my first box and I have yet to review any of the products and I already have 600 points. You can than use those points to buy products from their website of the item you sampled. How cool is that?!

Here is the box I received that is curated with Amy Roloff:

1) Fruit.0 – No fuss. Just Fruit. A mango, pear, & pineapple snack drink. These easy to go pouches are organic with a simple easy ingredient list of organic mangoes, organic pears, organic pineapple juice concentrate, organic lemon juice concentrate. I really look forward to trying this.

2) Mrs. May’s Mini Crunch- Cranberry Almond 100% natural bite sized roasted almond & chewy cranberry mini cube snack.

3) Skeeter (totally nut-free) Chocolate Chunk: 2 cookie pack

4) Inka Corn (1.7 oz)- One of the largest white corn kernels

5) Little Red Dot Kitchen’s BBQ Turkey Bak Kwa- A southeast Asian snack that’s traditionally grilled over slow fire.

6) Hagensborg Truffle Pig- Dark Chocolate Truffle, that has all natural ingredients. Chocolate with less quilt, yum.

7) Aspen Mulling Cider Spices- original spice blend. This packet can be blended into apple cider, juice, red wine, tea, or brandy.

8) Stash Premium Pumpkin Spice decaf tea- 100% Natural ingredients. I currently drink Stash’s Moroccan mint tea which I love, so I look forward to trying this festive drink.

9) Bhakti Chai sticker

10) ecomom $10 coupon, $5 for free prints at picplum

To check out Love with Food: visit them at: Love With Food

To get $5 off their subscription box plans use code: HOLIDAY12. This offer expires 11/30/12
Remember that you will help donate 2 meals this month

Giveaway for 1 month of Love with Food:

1) You must be a new member
2) You will have to pay the $2 shipping fee (which requires a credit card). They automatically sign you up for a subscription, which you can cancel through their website through a click of a button. You can cancel right after you receive your first box, you have about a month to cancel. Their boxes ship out every month on the 10th.
3) I will give you a code to use that has already paid for the first box. I will never see any of your information.

To Enter:
1) You must be 18 or older & have a credit card to pay for the shipping fee (I do not need this information or will ever see this information).
2) Be a resident of the U.S.
3) Leave a comment on what you are thankful for this holiday season. Using Rafflecopter
4) Be subscribed/following my blog Glitteredscrubs
5) This ends on November 30, 2012

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: This box and the giveaway was bought with my own money.


6 thoughts on “Love with Food – Box Opening & Giveaway

  1. Are they sample sizes or full sized items? I saw that Plum District had a deal yesterday (don’t see it now) for Love with Food but I decided to pass. Looks great, though! 🙂

    • These are full sized samples (does that make sense?) Its full sized products but just in quantities of 1– opposed to the box you would buy. I bought my love with food from plum district last month actually.

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