Sneak Peak — Mini Candles

Hey fellow night owls (currently 2:31 a.m.),

If you guys remember I had earlier mentioned that I was starting my own henna candles line. I have a little sneak peak at the mini candles I have prepared. If you guys are familiar with henna, you know that it crusts then you scrape it off. No need to worry about that with these candles, the henna is sealed. At the moment I’m waiting for my delivery of larger pillar candles to arrive this week. Until then, I’m getting designs finalized.


Like what you see? Want to order these candles for yourself or a friend? I customize candles (no matter the order size).

Prices: a set of 4 mini candles as shown are $6 plus shipping

Pillar Candles: Prices to be listed soon


  1. Votive candles  (single or in sets)
  2. 2.25″ X 4″ Square Candle
  3. 2.25″ X 6″ Square Candle
  4. 3″ X 6″ Pillar Candle
  5. 2.8 Square Candle

Have any suggestions or thoughts? Let me know.


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