My First Cravebox- Cooking Light

Look what arrived in the mail today! My very first Cravebox. This is my first subscription box and I felt like a kid on christmas when this arrived.

Everybody and their momma has a subscription box service right now. Its just the thing. After watching countless videos and reading many blogs on all the boxes out there, there were only a few which I thought were worth the money. The Cravebox is hands down one of them, with full sized products, free shipping, and fun limited-edition theme boxes. Each box ranges from $10-14, the Cooking Light Cravebox was $13. Also, you have a chance to win more for readers!

Here is what I received:

1) Tulley’s French Roast Coffee – a powerful and rich taste with a bittersweet end. This 12 oz. bag alone retails for 9.49.

2) Torani Sugar-free Caramel Syrup- This sweet syrup is brewed into coffees in most cafes and can be used for baked treats. The box contained a full size 750 mL bottle that values at $6.99. I think this is the one item that I am most excited about for a few reasons. Firstly, its sugar free so I can use this without worrying about my sugar levels rocketing up, my diabetic mother can treat herself, and lastly because the holidays are coming up and the possibilities with this bottle are endless.

3) Dole’s Fruit Crisp Cups- The cups contain all-natural fruit and crunchy oat and brown sugar topping. I received 3 boxes with two cups of each. A pack of apple-cinnamon, apple-pear & peach. These fruit cups can be warmed up or eaten just as, so great little snacks for on the go or at work. Each pack usually retails at $1.69. The thing I like best about these cups are that the first ingredient listed (so the most abundant ingredient) is the fruit. I was pleasantly surprised, because most cups have sugar as the first ingredient. I actually tore into one right after taking the picture and found these to be really tasty. For a moment I was transported to middle cafeteria lunches where I would be eating my favorite Dole’s fruit cups.

4) McCormick Perfect Pinch Salt Free, Garlic & Herb Seasonings- Yes, I said seasonings. 2 full sized seasonings were included. This is my favorite brand for seasonings, I think I have 6-8 of these in my spice drawer at this point. These are just perfect for all the veggies, fish, and chicken that is going to be cooked up to the holidays and even after. These retail from $2-3.50

5) Nectresse Sugar Free Sweetener- This sweetener is extracted from monk fruit, 100% Natural with nothing artificial. My mother (the diabetic) & I am very excited to give this a try with our daily cups of tea. I’ve been using truvia up until now and just at the end of the box right now. This Nectresse box retails for $3.49.

6) Lastly I received a few coupons and adorable measuring equivalent conversions magnet in the shape of a measuring cup.

I love the box I received! It kinda feels like I came out of the grocery store using some coupon suzy skills. I received $29.04 worth of products for $13, not including the coupon values. What subscription boxes do you have, if any?


6 thoughts on “My First Cravebox- Cooking Light

  1. I got this box, too. I loved it! I’ve had a few subscription boxes. I tried Bluum (for mom and baby) and Citrus Lane. Wasn’t too happy with Bluum but loved Citrus Lane! I also have a subscription with Conscious Box. Been happy with them so far. 🙂

    • I saw your post on cravebox with the comparison to the conscious box.. wow! I have been wanting to check them out, hopefully they have a special on them on plumdistrict. Be sure to stay tuned, I will be hosting a giveaway on the Food with love subscription for the holidays!

      • Conscious Box has been different. I really liked the monthly box but wasn’t too keen on the mystery box but when I look to see what others got – I like my mystery box even more. Ha ha! I just found out I got picked for the Thanksgiving box from Cravebox. Looking forward to that! 🙂

      • Oh I didn’t realize that not everyone gets the same thing. Huh, that would probably piss me off. Oh, lucky didn’t get picked for the thanksgiving box, I’ll look out for your post.

      • Oh, the monthly Conscious Boxes are the same for everyone, depending on if it’s a classic or a vegan box. The mystery boxes are all different though and they only have that once every few months. I just opened up the November Conscious Box and I like it! I’ll put up a post soon.

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