Influenster Beauty Blogger VoxBox 2012

Hey guys,

I received my first Influenster VoxBox — The Beauty Blogger 2012! I did a post earlier about the products I received and I wanted to do a quick review now that I’ve tried everything.

The first thing I tried was Not Your Mother’s Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream. It’s fall in Chicago so the weather is a little crazy and so is my hair right now. In my battle of hair versus weather, my short wavy hair loses. This coconut & silk extract hair cream has a gooey consistency and a little goes a long way. I honestly loved this, it manages to get rid of most of my frizz and give my hair a little oomph. It also smells amazing which is a bonus. I’ve been using Kenra’s frizz control serum, but will be switching over to this product. The best part? It $6.00 for a full size 4 oz bottle, score!

The Kiss eyelashes in 05 were simply amazing! They took me a try or two to finally figure out and place on correctly, but eventually I got the hang of it (my first pair). The things I really liked about them were that they are thick without looking overly fake. The quality is great and the price even better. The starter kit box comes with the eyelashes, glue, and eyelash puller with a retail value of $4.99. Have a look at my before and after.

The Eboost Daily Health Booster was just not my cup of tea. I accidentally added water before instead of after and had a little orange donut on top of my cup until it settled. The drink tasted like a fusion of Metamucil and Emergen-c. It was a little bitter and strong… I just couldn’t finish my cup. The benefits listed are to boost for though, so if you can chug this down, kudos to you.

The N.Y.C. New York Custom Color Palette I received was the 05 Dark Shadows. The powdery shadows are surprisingly pigmented with a pretty decent primer. This palette is small and compact, so its great to throw into my purse and have for touch ups or a quick fix. While I did like the colors, I found that they faded a little too quickly for my liking. The applicator brush left a lot to be desired and the highlighter seemed useless to me. A little on the fence about this product, don’t love it but don’t hate it.

Of course I would receive the Goody Spin Pins shortly after I chopped my hair off. I have been wanting to try these pins for a while now and was sadly disappointed when I couldn’t, so I did the next best thing— tried it on a friend. I was a little put off that I received the product in a light golden shade since my hair is dark black and my friends a black/brunette (the filter lightens her hair a bit). However, the pins do not show at all! These pins went in easily, held up for a few hours, and came out without breaking any hair. All that I needed to do was twist her hair as you do for a bun and twist the pins in one from on top and one from the bottom upward, no other pins required. The box provides easy step by step instructions and pictures.

Lastly I got the Bath & Body Work’s Pumpkin Cupcake in the mini size. As soon as I had opened the box, I could smell this puppy. The aroma was surprisingly plensent for being so potent without being overwhelming. Simply loved it! I will be using my $10 coupon for a 3 wick candle to pick up a bigger size of this.

If you would like an invite to join Influenster check out my previous posts. Thanks for reading everyone!


3 thoughts on “Influenster Beauty Blogger VoxBox 2012

  1. oh wow, you’re so lucky!! i didn’t get the beauty voxbox but i did get the palmolive one. haven’t tried them yet but will post soon. 🙂 thanks for coming by.

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