Mini Haul from Forever 21

 Had a mini haul from forever 21 and got such a bargain. Right now forever 21 is having a 50% off the sale items which is in stores and online. Use code FallFifty online incase it doesn’t pop up. I got 3 shirts and a pair of skinny jeans that I love.

My total you ask? $34 including the outrageous 9.25% tax they charge in Chicago.

My only full price item was the skinny jeans which were a steal at $15.80 compared to Charlotte Russe at $25 and other stores ranging from $20-50. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to locate many colors or sizes since they were scattered around the store. Hopefully they have a more organized  Forever 21 at other places (seems unlikely).

The jeans are 75% cotton, 24% polyester and 1% spandex, making the jeans comfy and form fitting.

Anyone else been shopping lately? Post a pic, I would love to see!


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