Korres Wild Rose Cream Review

                                                                                                                                                     ‘Ello everyone, first off I want to thank everyone that has been reading and following my blog. You guys rock my blue fuzzy socks off!

Chicago weather can take a toll on the skin due to harsh weather and pollution. My skin started to get dry and flaky in some areas. My tan was looking great but a little dull and the flakes were not helping my look. So as my normal moisturizer started to finish I looked new ones and came across Korres. I’ve used the product for a little over 3 weeks now.

What I liked about Korres is that the Wild Rose Cream is 85.1% natural and free of many harsh ingredients. The other deciding factors in buying this cream other than rave reviews was that it one of its main ingredients are roses. Roses are known for keeping skin hydrated, its source of vitamin C and having anti-inflammatory properties.

What I loved:

  • My skin looked luminous
  • No more dry patches
  • Reduction in redness on face
  • Very light smell of roses
  • Did not break me out- a concern with my acne-prone skin
  • Absorbs quickly

What I didn’t Like:

  • Made my T zone look greasy a little past mid day
  • The jar- I rather it came in a tube


    A picture of the ingredients


Final Verdict: It’s great for overnight use,  using before putting on make-up when going out (luminous skin), and for people with dry skin. This was a little too much for my combination skin but does my skin look great and keeps it hydrated. I wouldn’t use this as an everyday morning moisturizer but it works well as overnight one.

** I bought this from Sephora with my own money and was not asked to review this product or compensated for this**


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