‘ello World

Sometimes you just need glitter to shine and make you smile.

As a teenager I was never really that into dressing up and putting on makeup. I just wanted to wake up on time and be sure that I would be comfortable during the school day. If for some reason I had enough sleep or was feeling particularly happy that day I would dress up. I still that way during my early college years until I hit nursing school. The years that make or break you, I kid you not. Most of us were happy if at the end of the semester we passed, came out with minimal gray hair and dark circles that could mostly be covered by concealer.

During my nursing school years I started to look into the importance of health, diets, and well sometimes the importance of looking good. It was just a pick me up in my day. I started by watching videos on YouTube, reading articles online, and experimenting on myself, my willing roommate, and my dwindling amount of friends.

Turns out even patients notice when you look like the zombie apocalypse hasn’t gotten to you. Since we were in nursing school we had a lot of restrictions. No nail polishes, short nails, no jewelry, body piercings, and then to make sure you looked your worse they gave us the most horrendous uniforms. We had WHITE pants and blue baggy scrub tops. I really started appreciating the little eyeshadow or eyeliner I spared time to put on at 4 something in the morning while my cup of hot tea brewed.

And thus the journey of glittered scrubs began and my passion. Thanks for reading guys!


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